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IPM Potato Advisory Centre in Ukraine

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IPM Potato Ireland is among the five largest producers of seed potatoes in the world. A year the company grows to 100 thousand tons of seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are grown in five countries: Ireland, Scotland, France, Holland and Brazil. Today the company seed bank consists of 32 varieties, the leader in sales and popularity in Europe is Rooster variety. The distribution network of the company is present on five continents and in over 45 countries.

Due to expansion and finding new markets, IPM Potato has paid attention to the Ukrainian market, where agricultural producers allot large areas for potatoes; according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine in 2015 potatoes were grown on 1,465 thousand hectares.

Since 2015 IPM Potato has begun getting to know Ukrainian potato market in collaboration with Ovochevii Dim Company, which has became the base enterprise for growing IPM Potato seeds in Ukraine. This year has shown there are perspectives for IPM Company and its products at the Ukrainian market. Considering the great interest to IPM Potato products from the side of Ukrainian agricultural producers, it was decided to create and run an advisory center in Ukraine to work with clients to improve the quality of providing information about the products and cooperation with IPM Potato.

Since May 2016 everyone will be able to receive a quick information about IPM Potato products at the web-site www.ipmpotato.com.ua

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