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IPM Potato History

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In 1950 the IPM Company was founded in Dublin for the development of Irish exports of seed and ware potatoes in the Mediterranean after the Second World War.

In 1970 IPM began to invest in breeding of new potato varieties in conjunction with the breeding center Oak Park Research Centre, Ireland, one of the largest and most modern breeding centers in Europe, new varieties of high quality certified seed potatoes were made jointly for different market segments.

Since that time, the catalog has had 32 varieties.

In 1990 IPM PerthLtd was launched in Scotland to manage the growing of IPM seed varieties for UK market and the export. During this period, IPM also became a subsidiary of Donegal Investment Groupplc, which is one of the largest food companies in Ireland.

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In 2000 IPM Holland BV was established in the Netherlands to control the cultivation of IPM seeds and free varieties for export.

In 2010, IPM Brazil was established for the development of high quality seed production of IPM varieties for Brazilian market and IPM France was based for production management of IPM seed varieties for the French market and the export. In addition, the company acquired A. J. AllanLtd, high quality seed company in Scotland to supplement the IPM production and its marketing potential.

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In 2015 the company established IPM Portugal in order to promote and develop IPM variety sales at Portuguese market.

In 2016, the company has created an advisory center IPM Potato Ukraine to promote and develop IPM variety sales at Ukrainian market.

For the present, the IPM Company has 6 varieties in the register:

- Early variety: «Christina»;

- Middle early varieties: «Electra», «Savanna», «Nectar»;

- Two varieties for processing into chips or French fries: early variety «Infinity» and mid-season «Setanta».

Also IPM Potato Ukraine is expanding the segment of its varieties; the process of registering three early potato varieties Orla, Tornado and Bikini has been started.

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