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Timeline potato field trial

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27.04.2016 the potato demo-field was put on the road Kyiv-Kharkiv (E40) 60km from Kyiv not far from village Bziv of Baryshevsky district in Kyiv region with the total area of ​​0.5 hectares. At the demo-field elite seeds of eleven potato varieties («IPM POTATO GROUP» company, Ireland), eight rows of each variety in length of 100m.

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You can follow the development of our varieties and the news on our website.

We invite you to visit the demo-field at any time.

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Each potato variety is accounted for eight lines, each of which has a length of 100m.

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We offer you to come at any time in the potato field trial.


Throughout the whole period we will analyze the potato trial field, and at the end of September we will give you a "Development Timeline of potato trial field".
Potato Demo Field 2016

«Timeline of potato field trial»

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